Ground-breaking – and so we begin…

Eastern view from our propertyOne very intriguing aspect of building a Maharishi Vastu home is the three Vedic ceremonies that are performed during the project. The first one, the ground-breaking ceremony, is held before any work is done on the land.

These ceremonies are done at an auspicious time and date chosen by Maharishi Jyotish experts according to our birth charts. Beginning the project at this time with this specific ceremony ensures that the house construction will get the best start possible, and will benefit from great support from nature.

Groundbreaking ceremonyThe day of our ground-breaking arrived as a foggy, west coast November day. Continue reading

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Kitchen Delight

KitchenIn our home, the kitchen is a very important room since both David and I love to cook. When we designed the kitchen in our Vastu home, we made sure that it had everything we needed Рadequate storage, convenient locations for supplies and equipment, as well as surfaces that could take the wear and tear of avid cooks. We even installed an extremely durable Marmoleum  flooring that is turmeric coloured (called Asian Tiger) Рto hide potential stains!

However, we have been surprised to find that there is a feature of Maharishi Vastu design that is even more important Continue reading

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A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven

Flowers in our garden

Flowers in our garden

We are all probably very familiar with the song “To Everything There is a Season”, with music by Pete Seeger, words from Ecclesiastes, and performed by The Byrds in the 60s.

I was reminded of this song again the other day as I experienced another moment of events happening in their own time and at their own pace. This has been a very common occurrence since moving into our Maharishi Vastu home a year and a half ago.

I don’t know about you, but I am a constant ‘list maker’. I always have a list of things to do, whether on paper or in my head. Over the years my habit has been to review my list each day to see what I can ‘scratch off’. I get great pleasure from the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing the list shrink.

However, something has changed in the last 18 months. Continue reading

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Feel the Silence

Vaidya Jagdish VaidyaEvery room in a Vastu building is placed in the location that will bring maximum support for the activities that take place there. This principle was emphasized for me recently when we had a special visitor come to our Maharishi Vastu home.

Vaidya Jagdish Vaidya, a Maharishi Ayurvedic doctor, came to our home a couple of weeks ago when he was on Salt Spring as part of his tour of Canada. When he entered the bedroom, he nodded approvingly and said, “Very, very good. I can feel the silence.”

I turned my attention to the room Continue reading

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Curving back on my Self


Columbine in our garden

David and I have been living in our Maharishi Vastu home for more than a year now. It has been a remarkable experience for both of us and this seems to be a good time to reflect on the changes that have occurred as a result of living in Vastu.

It has taken me some time to write this entry because it is difficult to pinpoint the most  significant theme of the year. However, the phrase I quoted in the title has given me a starting point. It comes from the Bhagavad-Gita, which Maharishi describes as the essence of Vedic literature.

“Curving back upon My own Nature (My Self), I create again and again.” – Bhagavad-Gita 9.8

Upon reflection, I realize that every experience since moving into this house has brought me back to my Self. Continue reading

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Protection – the Maharishi Vastu Effect

When David and I were planning our home, we decided that our Vastu fence should be constructed so that it would keep the deer out. Every Maharishi Vastu home has a Vastu fence that delineates its boundaries. Everything within the fence – house, utilities, water features, etc. – has a specific dimension and/or is located in the perfect location to bring the most positive results to the occupants.

In our rural location at the top of a mountain on an island, the deer are very hungry. They eat everything on the list of plants that deer are not supposed to eat – except for daisies, foxglove and daffodils. We were looking forward to having a small piece of our 11 acres where we could grow plants that we wanted to enjoy – vegetables and flowers, esp. rhododendrons, clematis and roses, our favourites! Continue reading

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Living from the Heart

When we started construction, I was eager to find out what the experience of building my own Vastu house would be like. I had been in many other Vastu homes, but would there be a difference in building my own home?

The answer is a resounding YES! At the beginning there was a lot of bliss and support from nature in the process. At times we would run into a road block for something we had planned, only to find out that the solution was even better than our original plan. Nature was guiding us at every step.

Then came the raising of the walls – the first defining of the space that was to be our home. I began to notice the strong feeling around my heart that came when I stepped into that space formed by the walls. I felt like the house was connected to my heart and vice-versa. Whenever I was inside those walls, my heart felt warm; I felt nourished. And I felt as if I was nourishing the house. I was helping it grow into reality.

This feeling grew stronger as the roof went on and the walls became more defined. Continue reading

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