The softness of sleep

Recently a friend came to visit and stayed overnight for a few days. She has stayed in Vastu homes before and when she woke in the morning, she commented:

“I had forgotten about the special quality of sleep that you get in a Vastu home.”

Yes, there is a very different quality to the sleep we get here. It is hard to describe – deep sleep? Not quite the right term; it is very restful, but not as if you have sunk into some deep pit. There is a silence and an emptiness in the sleep, but that doesn’t quite give the right feeling. It is a bit like transcending, going beyond everything else to a nothingness that leaves you completely refreshed.

The best phrase I can use to describe it is “the softness of sleep”. It is gentle, nourishing, protective, healing. When I wake up, I feel calmly ready to meet the world. I feel supported.

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3 Responses to The softness of sleep

  1. Teri and Marcel says:

    Ruthanne and David, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It enlivens it in us as we read about it. It brings us bliss also. teri and marcel

  2. paul colver says:

    congratulations again ruth anne and david.
    we’ll have you over for some grand opening in parksville.
    thanks for you inspiration. paul

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