Living from the Heart

When we started construction, I was eager to find out what the experience of building my own Vastu house would be like. I had been in many other Vastu homes, but would there be a difference in building my own home?

The answer is a resounding YES! At the beginning there was a lot of bliss and support from nature in the process. At times we would run into a road block for something we had planned, only to find out that the solution was even better than our original plan. Nature was guiding us at every step.

Then came the raising of the walls – the first defining of the space that was to be our home. I began to notice the strong feeling around my heart that came when I stepped into that space formed by the walls. I felt like the house was connected to my heart and vice-versa. Whenever I was inside those walls, my heart felt warm; I felt nourished. And I felt as if I was nourishing the house. I was helping it grow into reality.

This feeling grew stronger as the roof went on and the walls became more defined. It then diminished somewhat as the other trades moved in to install the insulation, drywall, electrical and plumbing fixtures. The house seemed very busy as the activity sped up and we neared completion.

Then the heart value returned again – on the day we moved in. This time it was even stronger. I felt as if I was living within the house and the house was living within me – specifically within my heart. I knew from deep within that this house was a part of me and I was a part of it. There was a strong, nurturing connection that was very evident for several weeks, and the pure joy of knowing this was my house. We were united on a very deep level.

What a powerful technique it is to build your own Vastu home!

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2 Responses to Living from the Heart

  1. Carolyn Terry says:

    Hey, Ruth Anne & David, I just found this. I love your house! Carolyn

    • Ruth Anne says:

      Thanks Carolyn. Glad you like it. We are really enjoying living here. It is a perfect size and the effect of living in a Vastu house is very powerful. You feel nourished and protected, and tasks are done much more smoothly and easily. Should have done this years ago!

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