Feel the Silence

Vaidya Jagdish VaidyaEvery room in a Vastu building is placed in the location that will bring maximum support for the activities that take place there. This principle was emphasized for me recently when we had a special visitor come to our Maharishi Vastu home.

Vaidya Jagdish Vaidya, a Maharishi Ayurvedic doctor, came to our home a couple of weeks ago when he was on Salt Spring as part of his tour of Canada. When he entered the bedroom, he nodded approvingly and said, “Very, very good. I can feel the silence.”

I turned my attention to the room and sensed how palpable the silence was. That is certainly an excellent attribute for a room where you want a deep and restful sleep.

The silence of the bedroomAs I reflected on this incident, I realized that this silence is always there in the bedroom. When I go through the doorway, I immediately feel calm and quiet. The room invites me to slow down; it prepares me for a rejuvenating night of rest, and supplies the environment that I need to make it happen.

I must admit that I have never had better sleep than in the past 16 months since we moved into this home. Thank you Maharishi Vastu!

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1 Response to Feel the Silence

  1. Alan Green says:

    A vastu home on Salt Spring Island would be a dream fulfilled for me and my wife. We live in Winnipeg–she teaches TM full time, and I am a rabbi. We plan to retire in six years or so. Perhaps you could give us an idea of how much a vastu home like yours, on Salt Spring, would cost to construct? We’re not interested in a mansion. Something in the neighborhood of 2,000 square feet would do just fine.

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