Kitchen Delight

KitchenIn our home, the kitchen is a very important room since both David and I love to cook. When we designed the kitchen in our Vastu home, we made sure that it had everything we needed – adequate storage, convenient locations for supplies and equipment, as well as surfaces that could take the wear and tear of avid cooks. We even installed an extremely durable Marmoleum  flooring that is turmeric coloured (called Asian Tiger) – to hide potential stains!

However, we have been surprised to find that there is a feature of Maharishi Vastu design that is even more important than all of those details – the view out into nature.

View from the kitchenIn Maharishi Vastu, the happiness and well-being of the cook is vital. Every day the cook prepares life-giving sustenance for the entire family; their health is in the cook’s hands, and the cook must be healthy and happy in order for the food to be as nourishing as possible.

When the cook can look out into the joys of nature while working in the kitchen, those qualities are passed on in the food that is prepared. Just being able to view the outside brings the organizing power of nature into the house, and into the lives of the occupants.

We find that the moment we enter the kitchen, there is joy, and we are happier as we go about the daily task of preparing our meals – and the food is even yummier than before!

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1 Response to Kitchen Delight

  1. Carolyn Terry says:

    It looks so incredibly peaceful.

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