Ground-breaking – and so we begin…

Eastern view from our propertyOne very intriguing aspect of building a Maharishi Vastu home is the three Vedic ceremonies that are performed during the project. The first one, the ground-breaking ceremony, is held before any work is done on the land.

These ceremonies are done at an auspicious time and date chosen by Maharishi Jyotish experts according to our birth charts. Beginning the project at this time with this specific ceremony ensures that the house construction will get the best start possible, and will benefit from great support from nature.

Groundbreaking ceremonyThe day of our ground-breaking arrived as a foggy, west coast November day. Since we have a magnificent view from our property, it was a bit disappointing to not be able to see Mt. Baker in the distance.

However, as the ceremony progressed, it seemed as if Nature was using the fog to cover us in a blanket of deep peace. We performed the special activities which signaled the beginning of this wonderful venture with an inward focus, as if Nature wanted us to look inward to the Self, rather than outward.

We experienced a strong feeling of  connection with the land as we broke the ground, and I was thrilled when we struck a large root from an arbutus tree as we dug. It seemed to say that the trees wanted to take part in this day as well.

Groundbreaking ceremonyThe day continued with waves of joy and happiness as we shared this precious event with our friends. Our Vastu home was on its way at last!

From that day on, we felt a positive difference in our property. It seemed to radiate peace and glow, as if it knew of its special status as the location for a new home built in accord with Nature. It was a while before we were able to begin the construction of our Vastu home, but from that moment, we could feel support from the land itself to fulfill this desire.

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