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Ground-breaking – and so we begin…

One very intriguing aspect of building a Maharishi Vastu home is the three Vedic ceremonies that are performed during the project. The first one, the ground-breaking ceremony, is held before any work is done on the land. These ceremonies are … Continue reading

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Kitchen Delight

In our home, the kitchen is a very important room since both David and I love to cook. When we designed the kitchen in our Vastu home, we made sure that it had everything we needed – adequate storage, convenient … Continue reading

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A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven

We are all probably very familiar with the song “To Everything There is a Season”, with music by Pete Seeger, words from Ecclesiastes, and performed by The Byrds in the 60s. I was reminded of this song again the other … Continue reading

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Feel the Silence

Every room in a Vastu building is placed in the location that will bring maximum support for the activities that take place there. This principle was emphasized for me recently when we had a special visitor come to our Maharishi … Continue reading

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Curving back on my Self

David and I have been living in our Maharishi Vastu home for more than a year now. It has been a remarkable experience for both of us and this seems to be a good time to reflect on the changes … Continue reading

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Protection – the Maharishi Vastu Effect

When David and I were planning our home, we decided that our Vastu fence should be constructed so that it would keep the deer out. Every Maharishi Vastu home has a Vastu fence that delineates its boundaries. Everything within the … Continue reading

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Living from the Heart

When we started construction, I was eager to find out what the experience of building my own Vastu house would be like. I had been in many other Vastu homes, but would there be a difference in building my own … Continue reading

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