Effortless Accomplishments

Summer Fragrance HostaAfter my husband and I had been in our new Vastu home for 2 or 3 weeks, we began to notice something – an experience we hadn’t had before. Items on our ‘To Do’ list were being dealt with very smoothly and quickly.

David expressed it this way: “Everything seems to be accomplished so easily.” Not only that, but items that were not on our ‘To Do’ list, things we had no intention of doing at this point, seemed to insert themselves and then be completed within hours.

Let me give you an example. We have been doing some landscaping – planting flowers and bedding plants in the new soil around the house before the weeds decide to move in. In one area, we needed to cover up an ugly drain pipe sticking out of the ground, but it wasn’t a high priority. After all, drain pipes don’t multiply like weeds do! Continue reading

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The softness of sleep

Recently a friend came to visit and stayed overnight for a few days. She has stayed in Vastu homes before and when she woke in the morning, she commented:

“I had forgotten about the special quality of sleep that you get in a Vastu home.”

Yes, there is a very different quality to the sleep we get here. It is hard to describe – deep sleep? Not quite the right term; it is very restful, but not as if you have sunk into some deep pit. There is a silence and an emptiness in the sleep, but that doesn’t quite give the right feeling. Continue reading

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The first 24 hours

Someone asked me what my first night in our new home was like. Here is what I told them:

So far I have experienced

  • a head absolutely bursting (buzzing?) with bliss,
  • a feeling of peace and groundedness,
  • my heart feels as if it is being filled up and nourished, but as if this is a ‘work in progress’ with more to come, and Continue reading
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Our new Vastu home

We moved into our new Maharishi Vastu home on Salt Spring Island, BC, in March 2011 and what a wonderful experience this has been. Living in Vastu is a remarkable, yet subtle, adventure in consciousness.

I would like everyone to have a taste of what it is like to live in a home that has been carefully crafted in accord with nature’s laws. In the coming weeks and months, I will share with you some of our personal revelations and experiences that arise from living in this very special Vastu home. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Ruth Anne

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