A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven

Flowers in our garden

Flowers in our garden

We are all probably very familiar with the song “To Everything There is a Season”, with music by Pete Seeger, words from Ecclesiastes, and performed by The Byrds in the 60s.

I was reminded of this song again the other day as I experienced another moment of events happening in their own time and at their own pace. This has been a very common occurrence since moving into our Maharishi Vastu home a year and a half ago.

I don’t know about you, but I am a constant ‘list maker’. I always have a list of things to do, whether on paper or in my head. Over the years my habit has been to review my list each day to see what I can ‘scratch off’. I get great pleasure from the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing the list shrink.

However, something has changed in the last 18 months. I can look at my list, choose an item that I think would be the next one to tackle, but I can’t seem to get it done. The mind is willing, but it never seems to be quite the right moment to act on it. A vague uneasiness slowly grows – I am not accomplishing my task. What is wrong? Why don’t I even want to get started on this?

Yet, underneath it all, I feel calm and unruffled by this unusual (for me) behaviour. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to bother me that this particular task is still on my list. I quietly go about completing other things with this one gently lurking in the background.

Time to pick the peas

The peas are ready!

Then one day, the task pops up in my awareness. It clearly feels like the time to work on it and, in no time at all, it is done. No fuss, no muss; just finished! Effortlessly, easily with everything I need at my fingertips. Regardless of whether it is people I have to talk to, supplies I need, whatever it is, it all flows.

Each time this happens I am amazed. It feels so right, and I ask myself, “Was this just a coincidence? An isolated incident? Or will it repeat itself?” After 18 months, I have to admit that it seems to be happening on a regular basis. It happens with a wide range of activities from planting flowers, making phone calls, harvesting peas, to writing this article. I can’t predict when the right moment will occur and perhaps I don’t allow it to happen as often as it could. We do have a habit of getting in our own way at times!

However, I now have to agree with the words of Ecclesiastes and the song made famous by the Byrds; there is a ‘right’ time for every purpose under heaven. My Vastu home has allowed me to become more aware of that timing, and to move in tune with it.

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4 Responses to A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven

  1. annie holtby says:

    love your ‘changes’ from your lovely vastus space. xx

  2. annie holtby says:

    only one vastu here!

  3. nnealwhitefield says:

    Lately, I’ve been having the same experience. Rather than being frustrated at not getting something done that is on “the list”, I am feeling joyful at every new and interesting thing that “pops up” and noticing, too, as you say, that somethings on the list seem to get done at just the right time in a very satisfying manner. Something good is happening!

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