Protection – the Maharishi Vastu Effect

When David and I were planning our home, we decided that our Vastu fence should be constructed so that it would keep the deer out. Every Maharishi Vastu home has a Vastu fence that delineates its boundaries. Everything within the fence – house, utilities, water features, etc. – has a specific dimension and/or is located in the perfect location to bring the most positive results to the occupants.

In our rural location at the top of a mountain on an island, the deer are very hungry. They eat everything on the list of plants that deer are not supposed to eat – except for daisies, foxglove and daffodils. We were looking forward to having a small piece of our 11 acres where we could grow plants that we wanted to enjoy – vegetables and flowers, esp. rhododendrons, clematis and roses, our favourites!

However, when we got down to actually designing the fence, David began to wonder if such a tall fence (6 ft. high with another wire at 7 ft. since the deer often jump that high!) would seem like a barrier. We didn’t want to feel trapped within our Vastu.

Nevertheless, we could see no alternative if we wanted to have our precious gardens. So we moved ahead and the fence was completed in February, in plenty of time before we moved in.

David had been away working in Vancouver while the fence was going up. When he returned and saw the fence for the first time, he was surprised at his reaction. He said it felt as if the house was now protected by the fence. It felt right; it felt as if this was exactly what was needed.

Since we have moved in, we have felt the same thing for ourselves. We feel protected. The fence was the final piece that pulled all the elements together. It feels as if there is a shield that guards and looks after us. The inner coherence created by all the combined elements of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture is generating an influence of harmony and invincibility. This is the Maharishi Vastu effect.

And, as an added bonus, we get to enjoy our flowers!

It is hard to leave the house because everything feels so perfectly blissful, but when we do, the house, and the protection it provides, seems to come with us. We have our own kavach or shield wherever we go. What a gift!

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